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“Gotta go, gotta go….” If you’re tired of planning your day around trips to the bathroom, Susan Pursell, MD, at Gaia Urology, P.C. can help. Dr. Pursell and her team provide compassionate, personalized treatments for patients suffering from incontinence. No matter the type of incontinence, there are many choices available to improve your situation, from exercises to medications to surgery. There are many office-based procedures such as Botox for incontinence as well. Make an appointment at one of the office locations in Amesbury and Danvers, Massachusetts by phone today to explore these options with Dr. Pursell.

Incontinence Q & A

What is stress incontinence?

Stress incontinence refers to the loss of urine with an increase of abdominal pressure, such as with a sneeze, cough, exercise, or lifting. It can even happen during sexual activity. 

Pelvic floor muscles and support structures are responsible for regulating the release of urine. When these structures are weakened through childbirth, pregnancy, or surgery, stress incontinence can be the result. 

What is urge incontinence?

Urgency and urge incontinence occurs when you just can’t get to the bathroom in time. 

You have the urge to urinate but it starts coming out before you are on the toilet. Many things can cause this, like an infection, stone, medication side effects, surgery, and more. This experience is often called an overactive bladder.

Are there any other types of incontinence?

The above are the most common, but not the only types of incontinence. 

Overflow incontinence 

Overflow incontinence occurs when the bladder is actually blocked, usually by the prostate; weakened bladder muscle, pelvic prolapse or nerve damage can also cause this type of incontinence. 

Functional incontinence 

Functional incontinence refers to incontinence that occurs when a mental or physical impairment prevents proper urination. Things like Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, or even poor mobility due to a broken limb can cause functional incontinence. 

Mixed incontinence 

Mixed incontinence refers to when a patient experiences multiple types of incontinence at one time.

How is incontinence treated?

Gaia Urology, P.C. provides a number of personalized effective treatments for all types of incontinence:

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Most helpful for stress incontinence, patients do pelvic floor exercises to strengthen their pelvic muscles. The Gaia team instructs patients on exercises, which helps to restore bladder control.

Collagen injections

Collagen injections are a safe and effective option for addressing stress incontinence. The procedure is done in the office under a local anesthetic; it only takes about 15 minutes! The injections work by bulking, rejuvenating and rebuilding the tissues that support bladder control and function.

Bladder neck suspension surgery

Bladder neck suspension surgery is used to restore the pelvic muscles and ligaments to their original function. If your stress incontinence is unresponsive to other treatment methods like pelvic floor exercises or injections, bladder neck suspension surgery can restore strength and structure to the pelvic floor.

To learn more about the best treatments available for your incontinence, call the office to schedule an appointment today.